The undersigned below:
Mr. Erick Saklitunov in this case act for and on behalf of PT. New Delta Global, established under Indonesia Law by deed of Limited Liability Companies No. 1 dated on January 1th, 2001 made by Notary Itu Saja, S.H.,Mkn. with ratification by Minister of Justice and Human Right No.---------------------- in 2002, wich was published in state gazette of 2003 No. 2222, domiciled in Tower Delta Global Group 22th Fl. Kayangan Street, Block 1, No. 1, North Jakarta. Hereinafter referred to as “GIVING POWER”.

In this case choosing legal residence in the Attorney’s office that will be mentioned below, than explained to give the Special Power of Attorney to:
1. Thomas, S.H.
2. Jery, S.H., LL.M.
Each one as an advocate and legal consultant at Thom & Jery Law Office. located at Tower Delta Global Group 30th Fl. Kayangan Street, Block 1, No. 1, North Jakarta. Which in this case act either individually or together, hereinafter referred to as “RECIPIENT’S POWER”.


To create, sign, and file a lawsuit indemnity in the North Jakarta District Court against PT. Pembelah Samudra, located at Menara Samudra, 15 Fl, Maru Street, No. 15, North Jakarta, resulted from an act of default in executing the contract agreement between the GIVING POWER and PT. Pembelah Samudra, with contract numbers: ---------------------- on Exsport Dry Rubber Agreements.

Therefor :
1. To exercise the power, RECIPIENT’S POWER given the right and authority to appear before the District Court, High Court of the State, and the Supreme Court, Police Investigators, Committees, Government Officials, and Other Bodies. Submit letters and other requests is necessary, execute the deeds or supply of information that is by law should be executed or given by an authority, filed the witnesses, and the evidence, accepted money and signed receipts, accept and make the payments in this case, maintain and defend the interests of the authorizer, asking decision and refused as well as filed legal action to against to the decision, to appeal and the cassation, create, sign, and filed memories of a appeal and cassation, asking for execution, reply letters and fight according to the rules of law.
2. Then, perform all acts and other measures that are considered important and useful by the RECIPIENT’S POWER to solve problems in a way that is allowed by law, although not expressly stated in this power of attorney. 

This power is given with the right of substitution and Retention.

                                                                                          Jakarta, September 10th, 2013
Recipient’s Power                                                                            Giving Power

Thomas, S.H.                                                                            Mr.  Erick Saklitunov 

Jery, S.H., LL.M.

Note: Examples of this power of attorney made ​​under the applicable laws in Indonesia.


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